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It’s said that you shouldn’t stare directly into the sun because it can lead to permanent damage to your eyes. Since my eyes are literally how I make a living and provide for my family, I usually heed this advice, but only if the sun is unobstructed. If the sun is partially blocked, by say a bank of clouds, you get a beautiful array of light beams dancing gently in the sky making their way down to earth. Something so soft and beautiful couldn’t hurt, right?

Up until this past week I would have agreed. Now, I’m not so sure. But it’s not my eyes that I’m worried about. It’s my heart. I’ve heard before, and even said it myself (last night in fact), that those rays of light we see being filtered through the clouds are our loved ones watching over us. If that’s true, and I just might believe that it is, aren’t those very light beams also a reminder to us that our loved ones are no longer with us? Again, that’s true. That hurts. But the pain is temporary.

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If you’ve ever witnessed the scene I’m describing, you know these wonderfully golden rays don’t last very long. They are beautiful. They are intense. They are also fleeting. And for me at this time, perhaps these beams are a most appropriate symbol for the friend – no, brother – I’ve recently lost. His life was beautiful. The impact he had on anyone he ever met was as positively intense as his immense size. And his life, fleeting – a seemingly brief moment, gone at the speed of light. But, unlike the heartache and the light, his impact will be everlasting.

Anyone that ever met him remembered him…and they were better for it. Good journey my brother, until we meet again. And we will meet again.

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10 responses to “Fleeting”

  1. Ken says :

    Beautiful words and sentiment. I have been there, in fact I go to that place with every sunrise and sunset. I did not know your friend, but I am sure he is with my friends and parents and they, in unison send their love to us.

  2. Joanie says :

    I am so sorry for your loss. My ex husband passed away June 2015 unexpectedly and your post and blog has helped me. My Mum always said that even on the darkest days the sun is still behind the clouds waiting to shine through. She called them “Rays of Hope” and I do believe they are watching over us from heaven. 💘👼
    Best wishes.

  3. Patricia Altenhof says :

    A beautiful sentiment, and taken to heart… We have always search for what we call “God clouds” and finding one is a special blessing because when we find one it is like a short cut to conversing with those who watch from above… I am sorry that you have lost a friend, but he is still with you in his own way. Take care my friend, and keep blessing us with your wonderful talent….. Hugs…

  4. Kara C says :

    I know exactly what you’re feeling. I lost my older sister about 2 1/2 months ago. While I was still in Central New York, a day prior to her memorial service, my brother in law and I saw those beautiful rays of sun shining through the clouds. Including an opening in the very center. We both knew it was Kelley. Take care and I look forward to more of your beautiful creations of the hometown.

  5. Kristie says :

    What a beautiful tribute…since my son, who would have been 23 this summer, passed just short of 2 years ago…I have kept my eyes toward the sky and the light…I know that is where he is and that someday I will be there with him…deepest sympathies on the loss of your loved one… Kristie

  6. grayskys1 says :

    Your description led me to believe your thinking of someone I knew as well. Dan Tabacheck by chance?

  7. Teresa says :

    So Sorry about your brother .
    The Fleeting words for comfort to those who have lost someone are amazingly fitting for my friend as we sit here at Topsail .
    Her husband has passed away a little over a year ago.
    She read your words and asks is the fall picture at Dolly Sod?

    • jpdphotos says :

      Thank you, Teresa. This is actually about a friend who was like a brother, but still painful so I appreciate your comment. I’m sorry to hear about your friends husband. She is correct that the fall picture is of the Dolly Sods. Thanks again 🙂

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