🎶 Take Me Out…

…to the ball game.  Take me out to the crowd.  We cheer for the Pirates who always let us down so we cry to ourselves out loud.  🎶

I kid of course.  But do I really?

I would not describe myself as a hardcore or even avid Pittsburgh Pirates fan.  I enjoy baseball and I enjoy our Buccos, but as of late they’ve been a tough club to watch.  That is unless of course the game is being view at PNC Park.

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This Monday, I had the opportunity to do just that:  take in my first ballgame of the year at PNC Park and attend my first ever home opener.  Having never been to the first game of the season in Pittsburgh, I had some hopes and some expectations.

Let’s start with the expectations, and really there was only one.  The Pirates don’t sell out every game.  Sellouts usually involve fireworks (we yinzers love our fireworks, don’t we?), bobbleheads, an awesome visiting team with a great traveling fan base, and the home opener so I was expecting a packed house, which it was.  The only thing longer than the line for beer was the line to “remove” said beer.

The rest of my feelings leading up to the game were mostly anticipation, but again, there was truly only one hope.  Sure I wanted that afternoon beer or four, which I got, and sure I wanted to the Pirates to win, which looked like it was going to happen until they inevitably snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  But what I truly wanted was for there to be a large American flag on the field for the national anthem.  And boy did I ever get that and more.

As you can see in the photo above, the flag on the field was quite impactful and enough to make an equally impactful photograph.  Now, cliche as it may be, they say a photograph is worth a thousand words.  I find this to be true and then some, but sometimes there are elements and components of a photograph that need to actually have the words spelled out.  Once they are, their impact can take your breath away.

In the photograph above, for instance, there are many people that are easily seen and captured, but their story is not told by the photo.  The singer, delighting 38,000 people with a lovely rendition of our national anthem…she is seven years old!  Seven!  Talk about courage.  And speaking of courage, those folks holding the flag, they are the first responders, the brave men and women on the scene of the Tree of Life attack on our community in October of last year.

To say that this was an emotional moment would be an understatement and a disservice to the folks on the field.  I can’t imagine there were any dry eyes in the stadium.  I know mine weren’t.  Luckily for me, though my eyes were blurry while creating it, I was able to leave with a sharp photo of an amazing moment, and share the story with you!

So sure, the Bucs made us cry again.  But this time it wasn’t because of bad baseball or homeless hotdogs with no bun to rest in, it was because of a beautiful, emotional story.

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